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Beautiful Magazine is a publication of redemptive stories and faith-based insights written by women, for women. God has woven beauty and grace into our lives and stories. Regardless of what your life may seem presently, be encouraged that God is near and at work in your life bringing beauty and redemption. We want to invite you to join us as we empower one another through the word of our testimony, and discover together the beauty of God through it all.

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Let’s Talk About It: Racial Division

In November of 2009, when Doug and I started the Pearl Church, we had a vision to build a congregation that was diverse in every way: generationally, economically, racially, and ethnically. Our heart has been to build a church that looks like Heaven. We’ve been told it’s not possible, but God put it deep into our spirit. To see this vision fulfilled, it is going to take some open and honest conversations with each other.

About six years ago now, God brought Yvette and Emmanuel, and their beautiful family into our church. Recently, I sat down with my friend, Yvette, to record an open and honest conversation that we wanted to share with you. The Moye family has had some challenging experiences, and even some pretty good reasons not to stay at our church. It was some of the things that they experienced that I wanted to bring up in this conversation. 

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Do you see yourself the way God sees you? As a beautiful, beloved, and cherished daughter? We are building a community of women to remind you of that truth, and encourage you on your journey with God.

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