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Nicole Wiencek

How can we walk faithfully in our calling through the shifting seasons of life?

It all comes down to this. It must begin and end right here. Complete surrender.  With a heart depleted of selfish motives, a life of faithfulness is built on this foundation. “God, I am yours.  My life, my finances, my position, or lack of one, my desires, my comfort, feelings, preferences and future; I place them all in Your hands to be aligned however You see best for Your kingdom. Whatever portion You have for me, nothing more, nothing less.”   

There is a necessary tension we should lean into when it comes to figuring out our “lanes” of purpose over the years.  It is an intentional sifting of our flesh and inner motives to re-align our heart, thoughts, and actions toward the Spirit’s leading. 

You know how you go through something difficult and then only later realize how crucial it was in shaping you for the next season? It may not feel like it at the time, but for our own growth and refinement, there is a vital process which often comes in those “seemingly wasteful” times of waiting. It’s so hard to see clearly when you’re in the middle of it all, but these difficult experiences can be incredible gifts to us if we humble ourselves with an open, teachable spirit. It’s usually how God prepares us for what’s ahead.

I’ve personally transitioned so many times in my life.  From a young age, our family had more out-of-state moves than I could keep up with.  As I’ve gotten older, the shifts have also included motherhood and changes in friendships; from leading various ministries and churches to writing and speaking – and helping in all kinds of random kingdom work. I understand both the excitement and the heartbreak change brings; what it feels like to long for what “isn’t” just yet. I can relate to feeling fueled for “more,” but not fully released in a specific season or role yet. 

It’s so important when we get stuck feeling discouraged, or overlooked, to remember our God always uses the painful or in-between stages to develop understanding, insight, wisdom, empathy and so many more practical tools we will need to accomplish His work.

If you are a passionate person like I am, its easy to recognize needs all around us and then feel the desire to jump in and help “fix” everything. Passion is great, but we must always remember the way we approach situations matters more than the actual doing.  

It’s only after we’ve attended to the heart work God is revealing that we can experience the fulfillment and find the “places” we long for.  Sorry not sorry – but just a heads-up, “heart work” is an ongoing, lifelong journey. (Hey, this is unapologetic talk right here.) The truth is, there will always be more life lessons to learn, more character issues to work through, and plenty of spiritual endurance training along the way.  

“…God always uses the painful or
in-between stages to develop understanding, insight, wisdom, empathy and so many more practical tools we will need to accomplish His work.”

We have to get really honest about our intentions. To better test the condition of our heart, here are a few questions that have helped me:

  • Why do I want to do “this?”  What are the driving motives?  
  • Is there discontentment or over-striving? If so, what is the source? 
  • Am I honoring the leadership and authority that are currently in place?  

Again, it’s our approach that matters most. God will never ask us to step into our lanes by stepping over someone else. When it’s the right time and done with the right heart, God will either make a way for us or He will provide a new avenue; we don’t need to demand or force things. I’m learning that God always blesses the path of submission and honor.

Can I be vulnerable with you? When I have a deep calling to the core of who I am, it is so hard to restrain myself even when it’s not the right time to run. It’s a difficult, almost unnatural feeling to be in the “not yet,” or what seems like on the sideline. It can feel like a part of who I am is being wasted.

There are some truths that help keep me grounded when I feel this way. When I don’t have clarity yet on God’s timing, or how He will release me into something, I remember:

  1. God cares more about eternity, building His church,  my family, and that I am walking in my destiny than I do.
  2. God is good. His plans are good. His timing is good. 
  3. God’s heart is both for my good and the good of others at the same time. (Even when the path or process doesn’t feel good.)
  4. This life isn’t all about me. It’s about God’s people and God’s purposes, and one day it will all make sense and be worth it.  

I choose to hold onto these truths despite how I feel. I declare them over my mind and circumstances. As seasons shift and lanes change, the truth does not. “How?” and “Why?” can easily take us off course, and we won’t get it “right” every time. We might accidentally cry when we should be celebrating. We may fumble a little, let our emotions get the better of us, or stray off course. Thankfully, God gives us grace when we fall, and the strength to get back up and try again.

As we loosen our grip on the things we think we want or need, we position ourselves to receive what God has for us that’s better. From one sister who hasn’t figured it all out, but is still trying to run with all I am for Jesus – please take this next truth to heart.

If you are struggling to find your place or figure out what to do next, stay faithful in your current lane. Remember that “better” in the kingdom may not always look “better” to us here on earth. It may mean sacrifice for a moment, but reward for eternity. “Better” may mean giving up the title now … but receiving the crowns later. It usually means being willing to be broken, humble, longsuffering, selfless and to endure lots of pain. Think I’m being too dramatic? Remind me Whose footsteps we are supposed to follow again!? Yeah, that’s right, Jesus. The One who didn’t come to be served – but to serve.  The One who humbled Himself and became obedient, even to the point of death. The One who loved those who would betray Him. The One who saw people as the priority, not part of an agenda. 

God is telling us to “let go.” Let go and completely surrender so we can run faithfully without the hindrance of unhealthy expectations of ourselves, God or others. It’s time to let Him lead, redirect all the mistakes, and work in ways that only He can. I’ve got great news, sisters, He’s God. 

HE IS GOD. I have to remind myself of this again and again. We can be certain of this. When we show up surrendered, humble and faithful with whatever He places in front of us now, He will sort out the rest.   

Whatever comes, we can trust Jesus above every disappointment, redirection, even betrayal and heartbreak. There is nothing He cannot set straight or put in a specific order if He wants it that way.  

I’m cheering you on. Can’t wait to see how God works in us all. 


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